Artist's Statement

The camera is but an extension of the eye filtered through the soul - the spirit-eye, so to speak. As I move through the world, my eye is constantlystruck by the beauty of the most fundamental of its objects: molecules of water, aggregates of minerals, collections of plant life. The waxy beauty of a single milkweed flower astonishes me, the movement of water both excites and calms me, a sunset inspires poetry.

My earliest memories are of the natural world: freshly mowed grass, the rich colors of river stones, the iron-hard, segmented shell of a pet turtle. My idea of fun when I was a child was to get up early in the morning, get my dreaded chores out of the way, then pack a lunch and head for the woods. After a few hours of creek exploration, salamander chasing and bug collecting I'd head back home thinking the day a marvelous success.

That same sense of wonder and delight exists for me today. My intent is to arouse a similar sense of wonder and delight in you through my photography.

Carol Beckowitz
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands